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1.The entire building envelope has been optimized by choice of materials and providing insulation wherever applicable. The thermal characteristics of envelope are as follows:

  • Wall Construction: Aerated Concrete Blocks on exposed surface with low overall thermal hear transfer coefficient.
  • Insulated roof using 65 mm thick extruded polystyrene to achieve low overall thermal heat transfer coefficient.
  • Double insulated Glass.


2. Provision of ample natural lighting to optimize artificial lighting.

3. Floor to floor height of 4.2mt.


  • Water cooled central air conditioning plant with least power consumption.
  • Highly efficient, low power consuming, water chilling machines.
  • Variable speed chilled water pumping system to conserve pump operation power.
  • Use of high efficiency Blowers in HVAC System.
  • Provision in air handling units motors to install variable frequency drives by individual tenants.
  • Indoor air quality as per ASHRAE standard.
  • Superior noise and vibration control measures to prevent disturbance to tenant operations.


  • 33KV incoming power supply from electricity board grid.
  • Transformers with on load tap changers provided for superior voltage regulation.
  • All HT equipment like HT breakers and transformers shall be located away from building to avoid affect of electromagnetic radiations.
  • LV Power supply duly terminated at each floor through solid conductor rising mains with a suitable rating tap-offbox.
  • Dual supply energy meters at each floor for metering city and DG power separately.
  • Power factor to be maintained as 0.92 and above. All capacitors provided with Harmonic Filters to avoid distortion in voltage i.e., Clean Power will be available to tenants.
  • Dedicated risers for electrical and communication facilities on each floor with due consideration for avoiding electromagnetic radiations.
  • 100% power backup by diesel generator sets provided with PLC based auto synchronization load management.
  • Use of high efficiency motors for all moving equipment.


  • Nearly two days of water storage at site.
  • Provision of treated water supply on each floor.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant for recycling the sewerage and use of recycled water generated for make-up to the Ac & DC cooling towers.
  • Ground water recharge by harnessing the rainfall on site.
  • Low water flow fixtures and fitting in toilets.


  • Automatic upright sprinkles on each floor as per National Building Code India.
  • Provision for tenants to lay their independent sprinkles line on each floors bellows false ceiling sprinkles.
  • Wet riser System with Fire Hose Cabinets at each emergency fire escape staircase.
  • External Hydrant System
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System.
  • Emergency Voice Evacuation System.


Building Automation System for reducing dependence on manual operation staff and to ensure optimum operating conditions.

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